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How to Offset Costs of Renting a Jumbotron

Lowering the Cost of an LED Mobile Screen Rental

mobile led big screen tv jumbotron video wall rental for outdoor events

Sponsor banners surrounding the mobile LED screen

We hear it all the time, people assume they can’t afford to rent an LED mobile screen, before ever talking to us or looking at prices. But it can be surprisingly affordable compared to other costs of running large events. This is especially true with some of the ways we can help to lower your Jumbotron costs.

Multi-Year Contracts-
One of the most common ways to bring the price down to rent a Jumbotron screen is by signing a multi-year contract. If you decide to use the mobile TV for multiple years, we can bring the price per year down. Not only will this save you money each year, it will also save time on both ends that would be spent working out a deal each year and putting together a new contract. This is a very common way we are able to bring the prices down for many of our clients.

This option depends on the specific event needs, but can be used to bring down prices as well. Most commonly this is used at events that use multiple cameras. We can take anywhere from one to four volunteers to help run camera or assist in the process. This way we don’t need to hire a full staff, especially if that includes travel and lodging. But remember, the quality of the video may go down depending on the specific event and what we are shooting. And if you are able to find volunteers who have camera experience, that will help. If you are interested in this option, please talk to us so we can figure out what makes the most sense and still gives us a great show.

There are several ways to cover costs using sponsors with the Jumbotron. The first is to find a company to sponsor the video wall. This could include displaying their name as the Jumbotron sponsor throughout your marketing, giving them time to play ads on the video board, or having banner(s) surrounding the big screen TV. The second option is just to sell banner space around the LED screen. Depending which screen you rent, there are several different banner options. A third option is to sell ad time on the video screen to any sponsor willing to pay. All of these are great ways to offset costs, and are fairly common with many of the events we work. It is also common for the ad time on the screen to be included in the sponsor deals, or at a certain sponsorship level. Although this might not directly bring costs down, it can help bring in new sponsors, keep current sponsors coming back, or increase the price of sponsorship.

Talk to Us-
The best way to see what options are available to bring the price down is simply to talk to us. Every event is different, and there is often different ways to work out a deal. Whether it is one of the options listed above, or something unique to your event, the best way to learn about pricing options is just to talk to us and see what we can figure out.

Fire Up Video provides mobile video screen rentals for outdoor events all over the Midwest, including states such as Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and more. If you have any questions, please contact us at baum3@earthlink.net or 844-533-8848.



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