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Introducing Shout Outs- Personal Videos for Runners at Marathons

New Software to Play Personalized Videos on the Jumbotron at Races

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Send a personalized video to someone running their race

Recently we tested out some new software for marathons and races that works with our jumbotron screens. The team from Mtec Results, along with help from Pickle Events, have been developing a program that will play personalized videos for runners as they run by the screen. We call this new feature for use at races “Shout Out,” and we think it can be the next big thing for marathons that are looking for something special to ad for their runners.

It works like this. The event putting on the race will tell their runners that their loved ones can submit a personalized video of congratulations or encouragement dedicated to the person running. Using the same chip technology that is used for timing results, when the runner passes a specific point, it will trigger their personal video to play on the big screen. This dedicated video will override whatever is playing on the LED screen, whether that is a live camera, sponsor loops, or something else.

Family and friend can submit these videos via an easy-to-use web portal, and everything else is taken care of from there. This can be a great motivation for runners who are nearing the end and need that extra boost to cross the finish line. It can also be very emotional for a runner to see their loved ones congratulating them on an incredible accomplishment. Either way, it is a special touch that hasn’t really been done in races like this before.

Mtec Results has built the programming for this, and set it up with some specialized equipment, along with the help of Pickle Events. As far as our part in this, we were able to give advice and trouble shoot how it would work at an actual event with an LED video board. We worked with them to find the right equipment and figure out the set up to get the video and audio to play at the right time. We also were able to bring the setup to one of our recent races that we already do just for a test run.

Everything went exactly as planned on a small sample size, and we were extremely happy with the results. We are excited for the added benefit that this can bring to a race, and are hopeful that this can be used at more marathons across the country. We are still early on in the process, so check back soon for more information, and please let us know if you have any questions or would interested in setting up this service for your run.

Watch this short video below showing it in action:

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