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Jumbotron LED Screens at Outdoor Sporting Events

Rent a Mobile LED Video Wall for You Sporting Event

There are sporting events all over the Midwest that would benefit from the use of a Jumbotron mobile screen. The LED video walls can be a great way to entertain and inform your crowd, as well as make your sponsors happy.

There are many ways that the big screens can be used at a live sports event. One of the most common is to use it as a giant scoreboard that the entire audience can see. Another use can be to display live video of the action so everyone in the crowd can see the action, including replays and interviews. The video wall can also be used to play sponsor logos and ads in between play, making your event sponsors happy to be in front of all your guests. Anything you can imagine to display on a TV screen, there is a good chance we can make it happen, including pre-recorded video, slideshows, social media streams, and more, as well as any combination of content.

Here is a quick video we made showing how this was used at a live hockey event. This is just a sample of some of the things that can be done, for any sport. Watch it here:

Fire Up Video provides mobile big screen TV rentals for sporting and other events all over the Midwest, including states such as Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to rent a video board by reaching us at 844-533-8848 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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