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Our video walls are great for events on college campuses

Today, colleges and universities are hosting more and more events both for a variety of audiences. Many are held for students, but there are also events for alumni, professors and faculty, sporting events, and even the general public using the resources available at large campuses. A few of the main goals typically at these events are to have high attendance, make sure guests enjoy their experience, and keep them returning to recurring or similar events.

One way to achieve all three of these goals is to rent a mobile Jumbotron screen for the event. At Fire Up Video we provide rental of our LED screens for events of all types all over the Midwest. Our big screen TVs can take a variety of inputs, including live camera feed, slideshows, videos, sponsor loops, leaderboards, still images, and more. We will work with you to make your event the best it can be so your guests have a great time and will talk about it long after it’s over. Every event is different, and there are many ways the screens can benefit each of them.

Concerts/Live Performances:
Many campuses host large concerts and other live performances. Many times they draw large crowds, which is great, but then people near the back can’t get a good view of what is happening. This is where a Jumbotron screen can come in handy. We can provide a live video production feed to our screen(s) that shows all the detail in close up shots to your entire audience so everyone can feel like they are in the front row. Before and in between sets we can also show announcements or you can sell advertising space on the Jumbotron to sponsors to help keep the cost of your event down.

Click here for videos of our screen at live concerts!

If you’ve ever been to a graduation ceremony at a larger university, you know that it can seem like all you can see are tiny dots walking to get their diplomas. Graduation is special moment for the graduate as well as the families and friends that want to actually see the face of the person shaking hands and accepting their diploma. We can setup a live video feed to show closeups of the graduates as they walk so you can experience that exciting moment. We can also show speakers, announcements, or anything else when no one is walking.

Tailgating/Sporting Events:
Sporting events at universities can be very highly attended both by students and the public, so you want to keep them entertained and coming back. With our mobile screens we can show live feed of the games if they are on television with our Dish setup, or we can plug in a direct video feed from cameras at the games. Or if you plan to use the screen for tailgating we can play any promos or other videos to keep guests entertained, or capture any live action happening there. Fans love to see themselves or others around them on the screen. It can also be used to show any announcements or give sponsors time on the big screen.

Click here for a video of our screens at tailgating events!

Many colleges host a variety of fairs and other events to get students involved and just have a good time on campus, and bringing in an LED screen can definitely add to the experience. Depending what exactly the event is, there are many ways the video wall can benefit an event like this. Again, it can be used for live video of any action or events that are happening. It can be used to inform the guests and display any messages to the crowd. It can used to give sponsors a great way to communicate with the audience, and this can earn you some extra money for the event, or continue to keep your current sponsors happy. Or you can use any combination of images to display on the screen to make it the best experience for your specific event.

Click here for videos of our screens at fairs and other events!

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED video wall rentals for events all across the Midwest, to states including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and more. We are available to serve many colleges and universities in these states, including Michigan State University, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Ohio State University, Indiana University, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, St. Cloud State University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Eastern Michigan University, Ferris State University, Walden State University, Capella University, Minnesota State University Mankato, University of St. Thomas, Winona State University, University of Missouri, Missouri State University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Nebraska Omaha, North Dakota State University, University of North Dakota, South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota, University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Marquette University, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, University of Wisconsin Stout, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, University of Illinois, College of DuPage, DePaul University, Northern Illinois University, Southwestern Illinois College, Illinois State University, and MANY more

For more information contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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