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Live Video Production for Outdoor Events – Part II – Bret Michaels

How can you ensure that your guests will have a truly unforgettable experience at your next big event? Live video production with the Fire Up Jumbotrons is one way to make this happen.

Having live video of your main attraction at an event projected on the Jumbotron screens for the whole crowd to see will bring the event to the next level. This allows everyone to see the live action like they were in the front row, and gives all your guests a great experience they are sure to talk about for a long time!

With Fire Up Video’s live production, there is no telling what amazing moments can be captured and shown to your entire audience. For example, we were just working at a Bret Michaels concert, and Bret invited one of our camera operators on stage during “Sweet Home Alabama.” While on stage, Bret took a turn working the camera himself! Watch below to see how it played out on the Jumbotron screens:

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