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Looking Ahead to a Great Year in 2022

We Are Excited for the Upcoming Year

In our last post we recapped our year for Fire Up Video in 2021. It was a difficult year for many people, but we also had a lot of great moments for the company as well. We stayed busy most of the year, and were able to bring our LED video walls across the country to many great events. And most importantly, we are grateful for our health, and to still be doing business in an industry that was hit especially hard by the pandemic. And we have to thank all of our clients, partners, employees, friends, and family for working with us and being flexible all year.

But this blog we’re not looking back, we’re looking ahead, to 2022. Of course, it is hard to know what to expect for the upcoming year. The past couple years have shown us that we never really know what can happen. But, we can still do our our best to plan ahead and be ready for anything. It does appear that Covid is something that will be with us for a while, but that we will have to learn to live with it, and keep working to find solutions. And we hope, and believe that things will improve, and events will continue to happen, even if they do look slightly different than what we are used to in the past.

Over the last couple years we have done a lot more drive-in style events, as well as socially distanced, hybrid, and live-streaming. And though the number of those may go down, we still expect a good amount of events of this style for the next year, and beyond. Many people will continue to be cautious and do this socially-distanced, hybrid, or drive-in events to help lessen the risk. And the jumbotrons help create a safer, more socially distant environment. With the big screen, people are able to spread out across the ground more, while still being able to see the action. You can use these video walls in multiple locations to stream what is happening to different areas of your event, so not everyone needs to gather right up to the stage in one spot.

We also know that many events are coming back with full crowds, typically with some extra safety measurements. Many of those events came back last year as well, and we expect even more to come back in 2022, especially as it starts to get warmer out again, and we continue finding ways to fight the virus. We know people have the need to socialize and go out and have fun, so we will be there with our screens to help create a better experience for everyone. We hope things continue to improve and we can get back to a closer sense of “normal,” even if that isn’t quite the case. There are still ways that we can do some of the normal things in our life, and be safe at the same time. And we think we will continue towards that in 2022, and have a great year.

We look forward to working with everyone again in 2022, whether it has been a couple years due to the pandemic, we worked with you last year, or this is a first time partnership. IWhether you have an upcoming event with us, or have questions about a potential jumbotron for your event this upcoming year, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are excited for another year, and we hope you are as well!

Fire Up Video provides LED mobile screens for outdoor and indoor events all over the Midwest and beyond, including states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and more. Please reach out with any questions or for rental information, at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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