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Mobile LED Screens Set Up Quickly

led mobile jumbotron video board screens for event rental for outdoor events

Mobile screens are pulled in by our trucks, but typically will move out after they are set

Setting Your Event Around a Mobile Jumbotron

Many times at events, there is a lot of setup involved. There are many teams that are all working on their specific task to get ready for the event. Many of these require coordination between different companies, and everything needs to come together with everyone involved for the event to be a success. So the less time and work that needs to be done, the easier it makes it for everyone else to set up.

One of the advantages of our mobile jumbotrons is that they set up and tear down very quickly. This allows for others to get their jobs done around us without having to wait for us to do our work. Once in place, our screens can set up and be running within a half hour. Our screens can set up much quicker than standard trussed screens, so if setup time is a concern, our mobile screens provide an advantage to other options. Everything is ready to go with just a few quick steps that can be completed by one individual, rather than an entire crew.

However, every event is different, so depending on the specifics of your event, there may be other setup that is required. And of course, we like to arrive earlier to be prepared for the “unexpected.” You never know what can happen on site at an event, whether it’s something you can control or not. Especially dealing with and relying on other vendors and companies, there are unknown factors, so waiting to set up right before the show isn’t recommended. However, with our mobile big screen TVs, we can still drastically cut down on that extra set up time, as well the chance to run into unexpected issues.

Often times we need to work around a stage, or another vendor, or fencing company may need to work around us. So we always work to coordinate the best time for us to come in and set up, even if it’s a day, or several days, ahead of the event. Fortunately we can get our portable screens in place quickly and allow everything else to get done around us. Both our FireFly SS and DragonFly LED screens set up in about half an hour, and come down even quicker to get out of the way for tear down fast.

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED video screens for outdoor events across the Midwest, including states such as Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and more. For more information on LED video board rental, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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