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More Than Mobile Screens: Other AV Services Provided

Other AV Services Offered By Fire Up Video Jumbotrons

If you follow us at all or take a look around our website, you will quickly see that all of our main business centers around our mobile LED screen rentals. Fire Up Video has a fleet of four mobile video walls, of two different sizes available to rent at outdoor as well as indoor events across the Midwest. This is our main focus, and everything in our business centers around LED video and related areas. But we do offer other related services in addition to our LED video board rentals.

Modular LED Screens:

Because of our experience working with LED video walls for ten years, we partnered with other AV events company Creative Concepts to create our partner company, Fire Up Creative. This new company will focus directly on building custom modular screens for indoor and outdoor events. While our mobile screens are great in many situations, there are some events that will require more unique screen configurations that can be accomplished with modular LED tiles. With these new custom screens we can build a video of may shapes and sizes, as well as curved screens, stage-deck screens, skydrop ceiling screens, dislocated, archways, runways, sports perimeters, and more. We will work with you to create the perfect screen size and configuration for your specific event.

Live Video Production:

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with many of our live events is live video to be displayed to the video screen. Fortunately we have the ability and equipment to accomplish this. That can include anything from a single stationary camera, to multiple cameras and jibs through our switcher with full production and effects. We have done plenty of concerts and other shows with lots of different angles, content, and timed cues that need to be handled professionally to make a good show. This is something we are very comfortable with as we display it to our jumbotron screens all the time, so we are happy to help your event with this, whether or not you are renting a video wall from us.

Other Video Production Services:

Along with live production, we also offer other production services. We can help film and edit videos for other promotional and informational videos you may be using that isn’t happening live at your event. We have created videos for product ads and informational videos, event promos, music videos, slideshows, testimonials, ad sponsor videos, and much more. We can provide the service to create and record the video, as well as any editing for the video.

Live Streaming Service:

We have a couple options for a range of streaming service needs. We can help you send out a feed online to anywhere in the world through sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, your website, and more. This becomes much easier if there is a private, hard-wired internet connection available at your site or venue. But if not, which is very common at many events we are at, we have more gear we can use to create our very own wireless connection that will directly stream your video to your audience. Our LiveU Solo takes multiple cell signals and bonds them together to create a stronger, reliable signal that will work even in large crowds. Along with our other services, we can add any level of video production needed to send out your stream to your followers.

Permanent LED Screen Installation and Digital Signage:

Similar to our modular screens, we also have the ability to build permanent LED screens into a venue or storefront. More and more places are starting to add these LED video walls, such as bars, restaurants, churches, stores, sports arenas, convention centers, hotels, outdoor facilities, and more. We can work with you build a custom screen that is unique to your venue to display any sources of content you may want for your guests. We also can help build digital signs for businesses, stores, churches, and other locations.

Audio Services:

With video at your event, many times you will also have audio needs. We have a number of Mackie DLM speakers available for rent. These speakers are great to cover areas the size of a hockey rink or larger, depending on weather and other logistical situations. This is not a replacement for a full sound system at a concert or similar event, but it can provide good sound quality for a small to medium size event. However, we do have several partners we work with closely that can provide larger sound systems. We also can provide handheld mics, lavalier mics, wireless mics, and more audio solutions to rent at your event as well. All of our trailers come with a small audio mixer that can be used to run your audio requirements.

3D Hologram Display:

Our Hypervsn Fire Mist 3D holograms provides an eye-catching display to capture guests’ attention. This incredible display uses moving LEDs to create a holographic 3D effect that will have audiences wondering how this is even possible. We have a library of standard graphics, but we can also work with you to create custom animated graphics specific to your company, event, and branding that can be used on the Fire Mist display. If you are looking for a way to capture your audiences attention and get your message in front of them, this is a great way to accomplish this.

Banner and Large Scale Printing:

All of our mobile jumbotrons have space around the screens available for banner ads. And many of these events have the need for other banner and large scale printing throughout the site. We have an in house large scale printer for banners and many other types of materials. Our prices for these are often cheaper than other printing services, or at least very competitive. And on top of the competitive pricing, another benefit is that we know the banners for the screens will be done correctly. It’s not complicated, but as much as we tell people what is needed for the banners around the screen, it seems that nearly half the banners we receive from others that something isn’t quite right, whether it’s the sizing, material, velcro placement, or something else. But this way we know it will fit and look nice on the screen.

Vinyl Printing and Cutting:

Several years ago we acquired a vinyl cutter from a client we helped. We have since used the cutter to print vinyl stickers, letters, and other images for our screens, vehicles, shop, and office. But we can also print these vinyl graphics for clients for your event, or just vinyl printing for general use. With this cutter we can print images of a single color, or combine multiple layers to create an image as long as they are solid colors. We also have a close partnership with a company that does full image printing on a variety of vinyl materials, so we can print full color images as well.

Green Screen Photobooth Rental:

We recently purchased gear and software to set up a green screen photo booth at your event. With this photo booth we can choose a variety of interactive backgrounds to take pictures in front so we can then send them out directly to the users email. We have a large library of standard background with hilarious and fun options, and we can also work with you to create custom background for your event, company, or cause.

Other AV Services:

We have a wide variety of AV equipment and services we offer. Some, but not all of this includes cameras, tripods, handheld rigs, jib rigs, GoPros, wireless video options, live streaming, live video production, video editing, filming and recording, speakers, microphones, audio mixers, cabling, truss, TV monitors, and much more. We have plenty of services related to audio and video that many times are included in our event production, but are also available as services or to rent separately. If you have any AV needs, chances are we can either provide it, or know someone that can.

Creative Concepts Event AV, Planning, and Decor:

Our partner in the Fire Up Creative business is Creative Concepts Special Events. They provide a wide variety of services and equipment, such as lighting, stage, audio, video, and more AV services. Along with their larger inventory of other AV gear, they also provide event decor and design. Creative Concepts also specializes in  event planning, strategy, talent, and more. For a full-scale event production planner and AV service provider, contact Creative Concepts.

Fire Up Video provides jumbotron and AV rental for events across the Midwest, including such states as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and more. For more information or to rent our screens or other services, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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