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Preparing Your Event for the Arrival of the Jumbotron

Planning for the LED Video Wall at Your Event

Fire Up Video Mobile Outdoor Big Screen RentalWhat should you be considering if you want to improve your event with an LED screen TV? We have a few ideas that you might want to consider.

First and most important, you want to plan ahead. There are only so many Jumbotron screens in the world. And in the Midwest, the main event season is fairly short because of the long winters. That means you should be doing your planning early. The long winter is the perfect time for this. We have seen many times when there are just no screens available. Last minute calls happen all the time and the demand is greater than the supply. LED screen providers know that these screens are too expensive to be sitting on the shelf, so we try to fill most of the dates during the busiest time of the year. That would mean the rest of the year our mobile LED fleet is collecting dust.

Another thing to consider is your power needs. Most all mobile LED screens come with a built in generator. You can use that or use your own shore power or on site generator. You will typically be discounted if you provided the power.

Also know your event timing. When will you need the Gigatron loaded in? Perhaps it is a situation in which you are constructing event buildings and stages that the screen will be land locked? You might need to get the screen in a day early and taken out a day after your event ends. Make sure you let your screen company know this as they will need to include this time in there quote as well as planning so they know not to double rent the screen out.

If you plan ahead the odds are your event will get the screen you desire at the best price and make your event the best it can be. And we would love to help make that happen. Contact us for more information on renting a mobile LED screen. We serve the upper Midwest, including such cities as Blaine, MN, Green Bay, WI, Ames, IA, Chicago, IL, Springfield, MO, Bellevue, NE, Grand Forks, ND, Sioux Falls, SD, and much more.

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