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Rent Mobile Jumbotron Screens for your Golf Event

LED Video Screens for Golf Tournaments and Events

mobile led jumbotron big screen tv rental for outdoor golf tournament

Rent a mobile video wall screen for your next golf event

As the weather finally starts to warm up, people have begun to bring out their golf clubs. And that means there are more golf tournaments and events happening around the country. This could be anything from high school or college tournaments, PGA events, charities, or any other golfing events. These golf outings can bring in large crowds, and often have large organizations and sponsors involved.

At these golf events, organizers want to keep the crowd entertained, spectators, informed, and sponsors happy. Fire Up Video has a solution to make all this happen: renting a mobile jumbotron screen. With our LED video walls, you can display scores and leaderboard information to the crowd so they can easily keep up with the scores and standings. You can also use the mobile screen to make other company, event, or charity announcements and information. We can also display live video from the event directly to the LED video board so your crowd can see all the action up close.

Your guests, as well as the golfers, will love having the screen at the event. But another group of people that will love the big screen TV is your sponsors. By having the jumbotron at your tournaments, this gives you another way to provide your sponsors with some time in front of their potential customers. Sponsors like the ability to play their videos and logos to the crowd, rather than just a banner or flyer at the event. This will keep them returning year after year, and even attract new sponsors for future years and events.

Our Jjumbotron mobile screens are simple to set up, and quick to move locations if needed. We have brought the LED screens to golf events all over the country, and we provide rentals to states such as Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, South Dakota, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, and more. If you would like to rent an outdoor screen for your event, please contact us at baum3@earthlink.net or 612-759-1012.

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