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Shop and Equipment Improvements Made in 2018

Improvements Made to the Fire Up Shop and Equipment This Year

This year we’ve focused a good amount of time and resources making improvements to our shop as well as our equipment. We always try to have a clean, safe, and organized work space in order to be efficient and provide the best service when we’re in the field with our screens. If we don’t take the time to stay up to date on our equipment and our facilities, it would certainly show when we are on site. This is why we take this so seriously, so that you can feel at ease knowing we will be prepared when we show up to the event.

The major addition this past year of course was the upgrade to the FireFly SS screen. However, there is a lot more we have been busy improving, and here are just a few examples:

  • Addedd pallet racking to help keep shop clean and organized
  • Purchased an electric lift to raise equipment onto the shelves of pallet racking
  • Fixed up some of our trucks with new paint and body work to keep them in good working condition
  • Received a new industrial printer capable of doing large-scale printing and cutting on multiple materials
  • Putting in new protective flooring on one side of our shop
  • Purchased a new trailer to haul our gear
  • Attended several training courses to gain knowledge and learn new tips for our equipment and software
  • New joist lift system so we can easily build hanging screens inside our shop
  • Several new show laptops, including a high-perfomance gaming laptop
  • Purchased software to help playback during shows, staying organized in the office, and programming our screens
  • Installed new security and lights at our shop
  • Purchased several new high-quality tripods as well as other camera gear
  • A new heat press to create our own print on shirts and other material
  • Tons of new equipment for Fire Up Creative screens, including trussing, rigging, tools, and more, including new tiles
  • Plus, a brand new logo and website coming soon…
  • And much more!

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED video screen rentals for outdoor events all over the Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and more. For more information on Jumbotron rentals, please contact us at 844-533-8848 or baum3@earthlink.net.


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