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Stand Out From Others at the MN State Fair With an LED Screen

Draw in Guests to Your Booth at the Minnesota State Fair With a Jumbotron Screen

led mobile jumbotron big screen video wall for outdoor event rental for minnesota twins at the minnesota state fair

Look closely to see her hitting one out of the park towards the jumbotron at the Twins booth at the MN State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest events every year in Minnesota. It is the largest state fair on average daily attendance, with over 2 million attending last year. With so many people coming in from the state, the country, and even the world, any vendor who has a booth at the fair wants to make an impression. There is so much to do, that it can’t possibly be fit into one day. That is why you need to have something to capture guests’ attention and draw them in. What better way to do that then renting a jumbotron screen that towers 18-plus feet in the air?

We have huge LED screens that will draw in state fair visitors to your booth, and keep them there! There are thousands of vendors at the fair, and often times people will walk right past many of the booths if there’s nothing that catches their eye. And there’s not much that can do than better than a giant LED video wall playing your content.

There are tons of possibilities and uses for the video boards. Use it gain the attention of people passing by. Use it to advertise your company and your products. Use it to brand and create a cohesive booth at the fair. Use it to entertain guests and keep them in your booth. Use it to inform guests of fair info, such as schedule, hours, specials and giveaways, and more. Use it with live cameras so guests can see any action happening at your space live on the big screen, no matter how large of a crowd you draw.

We have screens at the MN state fair in the past, and we have two screens there once again this year. One of them is at Minnesota Twins booth, as part of a “mini Target Field. They have set up a small wiffle ball field meant to give kids the experience of playing in Target Field, complete with our jumbotron screen just behind the wall. Our LED screen is used to play Twins ads and promo, tell fans of upcoming games and specials, and inform guests of the daily schedule of events happening during the fair. We also play all Twins games on the big screen so fans can come sit in the bleachers and watch the Twins game. We have also been doing some live camera switching throughout the fair to show kids playing wiffle ball, and getting them on the jumbotron. Kids and parents love getting time on the big screen, so this creates a memorable experience for booth visitors.

Our other mobile screen mobile screen is located at the Minnesota Wild booth. Similar to the Twins, they have set up a “mini Xcel Energy Center” at their booth. They have set up a floor hockey rink with inflatable walls where kids can play floor hockey with other fans. And towering over the rink at center ice, is our jumbotron video wall. They use the screen to play Wild highlights, as well as other wild promo and clips, shows, and documentary stories. It helps build the miniature Xcel Energy Center feel, while drawing in spectators and providing them with entertainment to watch on the big screen.

mobile led big screen video wall jumbotron for outdoor rental for events mn wild mn state fair

Floor hockey game in front of our LED video board

Our fleet of portable video screens include four mobile LED trailers, so we have a variety of options available for future years at the State Fair. Beside our mobile jumbotrons, we also have modular LED tiles that we can use to build LED screens of any size or shape. Build screens to fit any design around your booth to create a unique layout that will attract guests. We can work with you to build screens that fit your needs, whether that’s adding a screen to your building or tent, or building one from the ground or hanging in the air. Below is just one very simple example of others using a similar screen at the fair this year. It was a great way to stand out from the others, and all day it caught people’s attention as they would pass by.

led jumbotron big screen tv rental for outoor events at mn state fair

Another modular LED screen seen at the a Minnesota State Fair booth

Fire Up Video provides LED video screens for events at the fair, as well as other events across the Midwest, including Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, and more. For more information or to rent a screen at the fair, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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