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LED Scoreboard Rental for Outdoor Sporting Events

Digital Scoreboard Rentals for Sporting Events One of the many uses of the Jumbotron can be as a scoreboard or leader board at tournaments or sporting events. This can be a great way to display scores and standings so your entire audience can see, and you can even use the screen to display other content […]

Add Replays to Your Live Event with 3Play Replay System

Add Live Video Replay to Your Sporting Event Displaying live video to the jumbotron is great at an event. But many of these live events have key moments that people may have missed or would like to see again. This is where a real-time replay can be a really nice add-on for these events. We […]

Big Screen Rental for NBA and NHL Playoff Events

Rent a Jumbotron Video Wall for NHL or NBA Playoffs There’s nothing quite like the playoff atmosphere in sports. Teams and players work all year, and even most of their lives to make it there, and eventually win the championship. And many fans can be extremely passionate and invested in their team. That’s why there […]

Rent a Jumbotron for a Scoreboard/Replay Screen at Events

Mobile LED Screen Rental for Tailgate and Sporting Events Going to an outdoor game or other sporting event can be great. But many times these outdoor sports don’t have a scoreboard present so the fans know what is going on. Along with that, whenever there is a great play fans always want to see the […]