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Get the Most From the Jumbotron Screen at Your Event

Prepare  For The Arrival of Your Big Screen So you have decided to rent a Jumbotron screen for your event. Now what? Here are some thoughts to help you get the most out of your screen rental. Content is Key Think about what you will have on your screen during your event. So often we […]

Content is Key When Renting an LED Screen

Having the Right Content on Jumbotron Screen Rental Have you ever heard the saying “Content is king”? Well it could not be more true, especially when renting an outdoor big screen TV monitor. As the client, you have more at stake than anyone when you commit to having a Jumbotron at your event. How do […]

Make Your Event in Grand Forks, ND Unforgettable!

Add Something Special to Your Grand Forks Event Grand Forks, the third largest city in North Dakota, has a population of over 55,000. Located in the Red River Valley, it’s twin city of East Grand Forks, Minnesota helps to form the center of Greater Grand Forks, or The Grand Cities. The total surrounding metropolitan area […]

HD Jumbotron Screen Rentals

HD LED Screens for Your Event Understanding the world of LED screens and how they relate to your consumer world of television sets can be fairly complicated. However, it may be important if you need to rent a Jumbotron screen in your professional life. So think about all the TVs Best Buy sells. They are […]

Keeping Up With Big Screen LED Technology

Changing LED Technology and Jumbotron Screens The world is moving fast. The LED Jumbotron industry is no different. At Fire Up Video we are keeping our eyes wide open to the changes so you don’t have to. Things like Carbon Fiber Technology are making LED panels lighter and SMD technology is allowing for less energy […]

Tailgating and a Jumbotron Screen

Add a Giant Video Wall to Your Tailgate Party The 2014/2015-football season is right around the corner. People are gearing up, buying tickets, gear, and getting their fantasy teams in order. Football is the #1 fan based sport in the US. Consider an LED mobile screen for your tailgate party. This is a sure-fire way to […]

Jumbotrons and Casinos: A Winning Combination

Add a LED Video Screen at Your Casino Concert A trend you may have noticed in the casino industry is to host large events in order to draw in crowds to your casino.  The idea is to have these crowds come for the show, but stay and play in your casino. So how can you […]

Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Winter Events

Fire Up Video has been lucky enough to stay busy both summer and winter. And here in the Midwest it can get awfully cold. Especially this past winter, it seemed like it would never warm up. We did a Polar Plunge with our 9×12 mobile FireFly LED screen this past winter. It was a two-day […]

Building a New Jumbotron Screen

How We Built Our New Mobile Screen After owning two 9×12 mobile screens and being involved in the Jumbotron screen market for six years, I got this crazy idea that Fire Up Video should build its very own one-of-a-kind mobile screen. And it all fell on my shoulders. This is the story of that journey. Since […]