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Ten Years of Jumbotron Screen Rentals

Celebrating Ten Years of Fire Up Video

Cody Baum, who writes our blogs and wears many additional hats at Fire Up Video asked me to write a story of our ten years in business. I guess he figures his five years with Fire Up Video would only be half the story. Or he is trying to get out of work… In any case, lets take a stab at this.

People always say after they find out what I do for a living, “Wow, that sounds like a really cool job.”  And they’re right! It is a cool job. We travel all over the Midwest and beyond, working with some great clients, being part of some great events. I am very lucky. Along with the staff at Fire Up Video, we have built this company up to be one of the larger mobile LED screen companies in the nation. We have four mobile HD screens hauled by a fleet of four diesel pick-up trucks. plus a ton of other gear, giving us plenty of options to support all client needs.

Just prior to this at lunch I opened a fortune cookie that read “You have a gift for bringing out the talent in people.”  I crumpled it up and then as you do with fortune cookies, you ponder if it’s true. My greatest joy in the 10 years of Fire Up Video is watching my son Cody grow with the company, as he just turned 30 this year. Over the five years with Fire Up Video, I have to say I could not be any prouder. He has quickly learned so much about running an LED video screen company. From repairing a tiny LED bulb, to driving a large diesel truck pulling a huge jumbotron. When you only have a few employees, it’s critical you are versatile. Cody dives in and conquerors all daily tasks with gusto, speed, and a smile.

One of my favorite sayings in business is “Do what you say you are going to do.” Meaning if you tell a client or employee something, then make sure you do it. Simple things like being on time, etc. are too often overlooked by many people. I have told Cody how important that saying is to our business. Maybe that should be on a fortune cookie.

Now I have to save this document and send it to the editing department. Which would be Cody…

Editor’s Notes: Maybe I was trying to lighten my workload, but I also thought the owner and founder might have a unique perspective. But I would just like to quickly say how grateful I am for the opportunity to be a part of the Fire Up team. I’m proud of what my dad started back in 2009, and how we’ve grown since then.

It can be a lot at times, but I enjoy the challenge of learning new things and being involved in so many aspects of the business, because as a small company we have to be. But we also wouldn’t be here without all the help and support we’ve received over the years. Can’t wait for the next ten!

Now to get this added to the blog and sent to the marketing department. Which would be… me.

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