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Thanking Healthcare Workers at Hospitals with Jumbotron Screens

Thank Hospital Workers and Raise Money to Help Them with an LED Video Wall

Hospitals right now are a busy place, and under immense pressure. We are extremely grateful to all the doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and janitorial staff still working in these difficult circumstances. They are doing the important work to keep the world safe, often at great sacrifice to themselves. We want them to know how appreciative we are of the job they are doing, and be able to help in any way we can.

Using our jumbotron screens, we can display messages of thanks and appreciation to the workers going into the hospital each and every day. We can park the mobile video wall in the parking lot or nearby the hospital so the healthcare workers can see any messaging thanking them to hopefully lift their spirits and know they aren’t alone. The video board can display heartwarming messages, videos, and images, as well as personal messages from friends and family of the workers.

Because the hospitals may not be operating in a typical fashion, resources and departments may be used in different ways and in different locations. To help guests navigate their way to the correct areas or parking lots, we can display messaging to help with traffic flow and direct visitors where they need to go. There are likely new safety precautions, so the big screen can be used to help with this. It also limits the time guests will need to be in the hospital finding where they need to be, or talking with receptionists or other staff to find the correct location.

Along with our large mobile LED screens, we also have modular LED tiles that are used to build custom size video walls that can be used indoors or outdoors. Again, with all the changing traffic and messaging, these screens can be setup inside the hospital wherever needed to direct and inform visitors. They can be built at just a couple feet large to dozens of feet wide. We can set them up to fit the space needed to help inform guests.

We would love to help out any hospitals or healthcare facilities who could find any of these services helpful. We would also be happy to partner with any corporate sponsors to provide the gratitude messaging to healthcare workers. Combining together we could cover some costs of the screen, or can even set it up as a fundraiser. With donations from large sponsors, or small donations from individuals, we can raise money to help these frontline workers, or patients dealing with Coronavirus issues. Or people could donate money to put their personal message on the screen to thank these workers. This would be a huge boost to help these doctors and nurses not only emotionally, but also financially.

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