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The Extra Things We Do That Keep Your Show On Track

It’s the Little Things That Make a Big Difference

We did a little hill-climbing up a flight of stairs with one of our mobile jumbotrons a few weeks ago. What made it possible was the set of curb jumpers we carry in every on of our trucks. Four trucks, four pairs of curb jumpers. It is one of the many extra things we carry that we seldom need, but when we do, it can make a big difference inmaking your show happen. Here are a few other examples of extras we carry to make your show go off without a hitch.
Exhaust turn-arounds:  I have never seen another company across the country carry these. And we rarely need to use them. But when we do it can be a real game changer. What are they? Well, imagine your video screen is next to a stage. A CEO of your company is about to give a speech to the whole company. But our built in generator is being used to power our screen. And the exhaust pipe is facing the stage, with the wind blowing the exhaust right toward your CEO. I would not want to be the event planner in that situation. You would be safe, however, with our specially made exhaust turn-around. We have had them specially made to fit over our exhaust system and with a 180⁰  or 90⁰ bend the sends the exhaust the opposite direction. Your CEO speech is a hit and so are you.
Extra video switchers:  Any one piece of equipment can go have an issue and go bad, and without a backup, the show is over. We have carried back up video switchers to hundreds of shows over the last decade, and have seldom ever used them. But we did at least once or maybe twice, and it was a show saver! This is not a cheap backup, as these units cost about 20K. But saving the show is priceless.
Phone chargers:  As part of our SOP, we carry a few very inexpensive pieces of equipment also. Every one of our screens is equipped with a phone charger. Seems pretty simple and inexpensive, and it is. But without it, after a long day, we could lose communications with our customers. And that is something we are not willing to chance.
Of course these are just a few of the many examples of some of the seemingly small things we do at every show that can make a big difference. We carry extras and backups of as many items as possible, in the small chance that if something were to go wrong, the show would continue. There are many steps we take and items we bring with us that stays behind the scenes that most event organizers would never notice. But if we didn’t have them, people would notice, and not in a good way. We believe in always having a backup plan, bringing spare equipment, and doing all the small things that can make or break a show.
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