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The Fire Up Ranch Gets Some Work Done

Working on the Fire Up Ranch

Most of our time is spent on the road with our screens at big events, especially in the summer. And when we’re not at a gig, much of that time is spent getting things back in order from the last job, preparing for the next one, working on our gear, and doing all the behind-the-scenes work it takes to run an LED company. Now with our busy season coming to an end, we have had some time to work on those tasks that still need to be done, but aren’t as urgent as others.

Living in Minnesota, it’s important to get all the outdoor work in you can before the snow comes. Some of the projects around the Fire Up Ranch include putting up a new wall, siding, a new garage door, flooring, pallet racking, and other work around the shop. We also added a permanent beam the length of the stop so we can hang tiles to test and display our modular LED screens. This is also a great time to work on gear, take care of some office work, and do some training and testing on any equipment or software we can use to create a better experience at events.

Fire Up Video provides mobile LED screen rentals for outdoor events across the midwest, including states such as Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and more. For more information, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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