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Mobile Jumbotron LED Screens Eliminate Last Minute Program Change Notifications

No matter how carefully and thoughtfully you plan and implement, your big event will have last minute changes and adjustments that are beyond your ability to control!  That is a fact! And the success of your event is contingent upon how well you deal with those changes and adjustments!  The solution to this nightmare is the rental of a Jumbotron LED screen.   A giant electronic billboard up in the sky EVERYONE can see.

If you choose to use paper printing and signage for your event your ability to adjust to change is extremely limited and almost non-existent.  What is printed on paper must be done weeks in advance and cannot be changed. A Jumbotron works in real time. It presents whatever information your guests need to know at that instant.

Changes in your program can easily be handled on the spot with no fear of the message not being received.  A Jumbotron provides you the luxury of adjusting your program as it moves along.  Any change that happens is a minor event that is easily handled.

The production professionals at Fire Up Video would be pleased to demonstrate the power and convenience that the rental of a Jumbotron can bring to your event!


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