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Understanding HD Picture on Outdoor Screens

HD Mobile Jumbotron Screen
LED screen tile for mobile TVs

A typical tile found on outdoor Jumbotron screens

Understanding the world of LED screens and how they relate to your consumer world of television sets can be fairly complicated. However, it may be important if you need to rent a Jumbotron screen in your professional life.

So think about all the TVs Best Buy sells. They are all 16×9 ratio, and they all can play HD. High Definition signals are described by most as either 720 pixels or 1080 pixels high.

A pixel is a measurement used in the video and graphics world to give us the smallest single component of a digital image. It can get complicated past that but let’s start with this simple description

As far as LED screens are concerned, its pixel resolution starts with how close the LED bulbs are to each other. Knowing that, you can get the native resolution for one LED tile. LED screens are made up of many LED tiles. Once you know your tiles’ resolution, you just multiply that by the number of tiles high and wide that make up your LED Jumbotron screen.

Many people want to know if a LED screen is HD. In order to get true HD it takes a tile to reach either the 720 or 1080 pixels. In the world of LED tiles it is not very easy to reach these HD standards unless you are going very large, say in the 20 foot high range with a high density pixel LED tile, with 4mm or 6mm tiles. The problem is two-fold. It gets really expensive to use the close mm tiles at these types of large sizes. And those tiles are generally the SMD (surface mounted diodes) tiles that are typically not as bright and have lower contrast and dull blacks.

And the kicker is that as you step further back from the screen the lower resolution screens can look very good and many times as good as higher resolution screen.

Technology is changing the above equations for sure. And as time goes on we will continue to see great improvements in the LED screen world. But for now, be careful of what you are being sold. You may be paying for voodoo magic that does not provide you any noticeable benefit in the end.

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