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Coming Together Over Music and Events

Drive In Events Help Bring People Together

Heather said it all perfectly in the above video. In these unprecedented times, it is increasingly important to find things that bring us joy, as well as ways to bring joy and hope to others. We all need to feel some form of normalcy, something to help us remember “we’re still alive.” And one of the best ways to feel that is through music.

We have been fortunate to be a part of an amazing drive-in concert series that brings the community together through music, while helping those that have been hard-hit in the music industry, all while raising money for a great cause.

The Relief Sessions started as a weekly concert series earlier this summer. After seeing the success of the event and the need from the community and the musicians, organizers decided to expand the series. With an absence left by the State Fair being cancelled, a second run was added, with 12 straight days of music.

The Relief Sessions is put together by Mick Sterling Presents and with the help of the city of Burnsville. Over the 12 days, fans were able to see 48 different bands at a socially distanced drive-in event, and it was a needed escape for so many.

While COVID has made us feel more distanced than ever, live music has a way of bringing us together. As John Scott, business partner of Mick Sterling Presents, always says “live music keeps the peace one hour at a time.” And that may be more true now than ever.

Not only has this event helped musicians and stage crews who have had work slashed, as well as fans who have been stuck in the house without live music for months, but it also raised money for several important charities, including The 30 Days Foundation. At a time when many are struggling, it is more important than ever for those of us that are able to find a way to give back to those who need it.

The 30 Days Foundation is a Minnesota based charity that helps families who are in financial crisis. All it takes is a few unexpected events for many of us to fall into financial distress, and The 30 Days Foundation is here to help make a one time payment to some of these expenses to help families get back on their feet, such as utility bills, back rent, medical bills, emergency shelter, school supplies, and more.

From the money that is raised, The 30 Days Foundation is donating 33% to Loaves and Fishes, and 33% to Good in the ‘Hood. Loaves and Fishes provides healthy meals where it is most needed. And Good in the ‘Hood is dedicated to changing lives with simple acts of kindness. If you are able, any one of these charities would be extremely thankful for a donation of any size:

The 30 Days Foundation
Loaves and Fishes
Good in the ‘Hood

While our events for the summer have changed quite a bit, we are grateful to Mick Sterling Presents and the City of Burnsville for putting on this event to offer “relief” to musicians, AV workers, music fans, and more, and for allowing Fire Up Video to be a part of this important cause. And keep an eye out for future concert collaborations with Mick Sterling Presents and Burnsville. There may be some more socially distanced events being planned to give people something to look forward to!

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