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Green Bay, WI LED Screen Rentals for Outdoor Events

Mobile Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Green Bay, Wisconsin

Most known as the home to the Packers, Green Bay is also the third largest city in Wisconsin. The 2012 estimate of Green Bay is 104,868, which means there are a lot of people in need of entertainment. The city has a variety of recreational activities, outdoor parks, museums, annual events, and sporting venues.

Seasons of Green Bay range from the hot, to the cold, and even the extremely loud during football season. Events are hosted all year to help keep up with the high populations’ activity needs.

Winter Activities

In winter enjoy sledding with the family, catch a tailgating party, join a cross country skiing club, catch some fish (or a buzz) while ice fishing, or go out for a day at higher speeds snowmobiling. The outdoor events in this city offers something for every type of person and their lifestyle.

Summer Activities

Get in touch with the origins of Green Bay and go to a Native American Pow-Wow, or if you wish to ‘stay in the now’ improve your golf swing. Find beauty on the bay of Lake Michigan or scream your lungs out at an amusement park.

With so many people in the area and so many attractions competing for those people, give your event an advantage over the rest. Have the people of Green Bay Wisconsin coming back for more. At your next event rent a Jumbotron screen. These screens look great even in direct sunlight, with a low set up time and draw attention to exactly what you want to emphasize about your event. We bring the screen to you. No power? No problem, we have an on-board generator so you have no limitations.

Event Hosting

If you are hosting any event in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area and want to bring it to the next level, give Fire Up Video a call today at 612-759-1012, we will explain all the feature of our high quality mobile LED screens and can make sure your event tops the rest! Whatever you want to display to your guests, we will work with you to get it done.

Fire Up Video provides LED video screen rentals for all kinds of events in Green Bay, Wisconsin, as well as other states across the Midwest such as Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and more. For more information on big screen TV rentals, please contact us at 612-759-1012 or baum3@earthlink.net.

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