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Video Production Services Including Music Video Editing

New Music Video by Smoldering Roots Produced by Fire Up Video

Most of the video work we do is for live events. We have camera(s) shooting the action of the event to display live onto our LED Jumbotron screens. Occasionally we need to create videos or sponsor loops for an event that will also be played on the mobile video wall. But sometimes, we shoot and/or edit video for use other than on the big screen TV.

From time to time we take a break from the LED screens to create videos for other clients. We already have the experience, the equipment, and the knowledge to produce these videos, so we like to be involved in this side of the video world sometimes. This includes music videos, commercials, personal videos, business meetings and conferences, and much more. You can read one of our recent blogs talking about our production services for business meetings video shoots.

Here is a sample of our most recent video we put together quickly. We were given the video footage of the local band Smoldering Roots. They just wanted the four separate videos combined into one whole clip. We combined them all into one, and even added some effects and edited it together to make the video look a little nicer. We can put as much time into the video as you are looking for, and even plan the entire video out and shoot it ourselves. Take a look at the video below:

Other than music videos, we do all kinds of other video production services, from filming, writing, editing, and more, for all different purposes. You can read one of our recent blogs talking about our production services for business meeting video shoots here: http://fireupvideo.com/?p=3224

Besides video production services, Fire Up Video provides LED video board rentals for events all over the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and more. Feel free to contact us at baum3@earthlink.net or 844-533-8848 if you have any questions about our video production or mobile screen rentals.

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