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“Drive-In Church” Services on the Jumbotron as an Alternative During Coronavirus

Hold Your Easter and Other Church Services with a Jumbotron With all the uncertainty surrounding the Coronovirus, we all have to get creative on how to balance continuing our lives while also keeping ourselves and others safe. And during these difficult times, many people are turning more than ever to church and religion. However, being […]

Live Events in the Time of Coronavirus

Live Streaming as an Alternative to Live Events During Coronavirus With all the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, the most important thing is that everyone stays safe. No one knows what will happen from here, but we must stay positive, listen to reliable sources on how to prevent and reduce the spread of the disease, and […]

Modular LED Screens for Indoor Trade Shows

LED Screen Rental for Trade Show in Las Vegas Recently we loaded our gear onto a truck and shipped it out to Las Vegas for a large trade show at one of the largest and busiest convention centers in the world, Las Vegas Convention Center. We set up a large LED screen hung from the […]

DragonFly Jumbotron Screen in Action Video

Video Setting Up the DragonFly Screen in Action In our fleet of mobile jumbotron screens, we own two FireFly SS screens and two DragonFly screens. In this article we will be focusing on the DragonFly LED screens, towering in the air at 12×19 feet. This 10mm pixel pitch DIP screen offers a HD image that […]

Rent an LED Screen for Your Minnesota State Fair Booth

Jumbotron Screen Rental for Minnesota State Fair Booths The Great Minnesota Get-Together is the second-largest stat fair in the country (although the Texas State Fair runs about twice as long), and brings in around two million visitors every year. As one of the biggest events of the year, many people look forward to this all […]

Enhanced Game-Viewing Experience with LED Screens

Take Your Watch Party to the Next Level with Our Jumbotrons There’s not much better than watching a big game on the big screen. Or better yet, a really big screen, like our 8.5×15 foot or 12×19 foot mobile screens. But what if besides just watching the game on the screen, we could add more […]

LED Screen Training and Maintenance Behind the Scenes

Maintenance and Training on LED Jumbotron Equipment Many people see us roll up with our mobile screens and figure you just show to events every once in a while and everything just magically works and that’s it. However, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes between training, repairing gear, testing time, […]

Jumbotrons and Live Video for Your Rodeo or Bull Ride

Live Video on the Jumbotron Screen for Bull Rides or Rodeos If any single event could benefit from a large video wall, it would have to be rodeo or bull ride. These events have not changed much in the last 40 years, and that might be what some consider the appeal of these events. However, considering your changing […]

Multi-Screen Effects for Your Video Wall Rental

Multi-Screen Effects for Your Video Wall Many people think of a jumbotron screen the same way they think of their personal TV. While our screens can play anything you would watch on a typical television, they can also do so much more. Besides being a much, much larger version of your in-home TV, the screens […]

“Weather” or Not to Use a Mobile Jumbotron

Using Mobile vs. Modular Screens in Bad Weather Although we own both modular and mobile video screens, each one has their time and place at each individual event. For any readers not familiar with the differences of these types of screens, let us provide a quick explanation. Mobile video screens:  These are pre-assembled screens that live inside an […]