Providing Mobile Jumbotron Screens For Your Next Event

LED Screens are More Effective than Signs on a Fence

Big Screen TVs Work Better Than Banners Take a look at the video below. Between the LEd Jumbotrons and signs on a fence, which one do you think converys a more exciting, informative, attention-grabbing message? After watching that short clip, the answer is pretty obvious. The video wall not only draws much more attention from […]

Sponsor Loops on the LED Video Board

Keep Sponsors and Guests Happy with F.U.V. Loops on the Jumbotron You always want to give your sponsors the most bang for their buck. You also want to keep your guests entertained. At Fire Up Video, we have a way to accomplish both. This can be done using our F.U.V. sponsor loop videos, also know […]

Give Event Sponsors Great Value with a Jumbotron

Keep Guests Entertained with FUV Sponsor Loops on LED Screen Sponsors want to get value for the money they pay to advertise at your event. Signs, banners, and other static printed images are good, but people don’t really pay attention to that. Images or commercials on a Jumbotron screen is even better. But if they […]

Make You Event Sponsors Happy with a Jumbotron Screen

Event Sponsors Love the LED Big Screen TV Sponsors are an important part of any event. Without sponsors, many events would be unable to happen, or would need to increase prices. That’s why you want to make sure to do all you can to attract sponsors to your event, and to keep them happy and […]

Jumbotrons Help Keep (And Gain) Sponsors

Sponsors and the Jumbotron LED Screen Sponsors are an important part of almost every event. It can be very crucial for event organizers to attract sponsors in order to help cover costs of the event. You want to persuade companies to sponsor your event, and once you do, you want to keep them happy so […]

Prepare Your Event for the Jumbtron LED Screen

  So you have committed to having a daylight screen at your event. It is new for you and your event and you want to make sure you have done all you need to do to make the usage of the screen go smoothly. Here are some things you will want to think about. Site […]

Get New Sponsorships and Keep Current Ones for Your Race

Your race happens year after year! And having sponsors is a crucial part of funding your event and keeping costs low for participants. So how do you attract new sponsors and keep the ones you already have coming back? We think one of our mobile LED FireFly or DragonFly screens could help! I was in […]

Fire Up Video Adds New Tricaster

In order to bring you the best Jumbotron experience, we have added our second Tricaster switcher to our growing equipment list. Although both our Tricasters can handle up to six cameras, this Tricaster 455 adds HD recording to our lineup. Tricaster: • Explosive 3D visual effects, video playback, graphics, transitions, and virtual sets • Completely […]

Attract Sponsors at Your Event with Banners on the Jumbotron

You have committed to a Jumbotron for your event. Now make the most of your rental by adding static banners surrounding the screen. With thousands of eyes looking at the screen all day, the best place to provide your top sponsors a way to connect with the audience is not a fence they walk by […]