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Jumbotron LED Screens for Outdoor Events in Canada

Rent a Mobile LED Video Wall for Canada Events Most events we do are located in the Midwest, and beyond that in some instances. And every once in a while, we will travel beyond the U.S. border and cross over into Canada. With our home shop in Minnesota, we are close enough to Canada that […]

Introducing Shout Outs- Personal Videos for Runners at Marathons

New Software to Play Personalized Videos on the Jumbotron at Races Recently we tested out some new software for marathons and races that works with our jumbotron screens. The team from Mtec Results, along with help from Pickle Events, have been developing a program that will play personalized videos for runners as they run by […]

Big Screen Rental for NBA and NHL Playoff Events

Rent a Jumbotron Video Wall for NHL or NBA Playoffs There’s nothing quite like the playoff atmosphere in sports. Teams and players work all year, and even most of their lives to make it there, and eventually win the championship. And many fans can be extremely passionate and invested in their team. That’s why there […]

Live Video Production on Jumbotron Screens

Outdoor Events with Live Video on LED Screens The experience guests and sponsors have at your event will determine whether they come back in following years. Most events are not a one-and-done situation. They happen year after year, with one of the goals being to increase attendance, by creating the best experience possible. Live video […]

Secure a Jumbotron for Your Summer Event

Summertime is Just Around the Corner Looking out the window in Minnesota right now, it might not look like it, but summer is just around the corner. And now is the time to reserve a screen for your event. We have a large fleet of four mobile, but dates do fill up fast. Even if […]

Video: Renting a DragonFly LED Screen

Watch the Video for our DragonFly Mobile Screen Whatever your event, we have a variety of different screen options that can fit your needs. Along with our two FireFly mobile screens, we also have two larger 12×19 foot DragonFly screens. These 10mm pixel pitch LED tiles provide great picture quality, as well as a large […]

Jumbotrons & Live Streaming for Your Fishing Tournament

Add a Mobile Screen and a Live Stream for Fishing Tournaments Recently the Major League Fishing Bass Pro tour held six day tournament event in North Carolina. Organizers were looking to increase excitement, grow the sport, and engage with their audience. They knew they needed something different that would help their fans interact with the […]

Mobile Jumbotron Video Wall for Events in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Rent LED Jumbotron Big Screen TV for Twin Cities Events With a population of nearly four million, the Twin Cities, consisting of Minneapolis and St. Paul, is one of the most populated areas in the Midwest. With This comes the opportunity for large outdoor events like the Art in Bloom, Soundset, 2019 NCAA Final Four, […]

Use Jumbotron LED in Place of Banners at Events

Digital Signs Using LED Screens Instead of Banners Having banners at an event is great, but it can be a hassle to deal with, and it isn’t very appealing. Luckily there is another option that is much easier to work with, looks much better, and can really help out your event in many ways. The solution […]