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Live Video Production for Outdoor Events

The experience a guest or sponsor has at your outdoor event will determine if they come back year after year. Most events are not a one-and-done. They happen year after year, with the goal being to increase attendance and raise more money for a charity or yourself. Live video of your event to the Jumbotron […]

Fire Up Video Jumbotrons Find a New Home

We have built a brand new building for all our Jumbotron screens and equpiment

Attract Sponsors at Your Event with Banners on the Jumbotron

You have committed to a Jumbotron for your event. Now make the most of your rental by adding static banners surrounding the screen. With thousands of eyes looking at the screen all day, the best place to provide your top sponsors a way to connect with the audience is not a fence they walk by […]

New Wireless Video Enhances Jumbotron Event Experience

So you have committed to renting a mobile LED Jumbotron screen at your next big event.   That will help give your audience a better experience by allowing them to see the action up close. Plus your sponsors are excited they now have a better way to connect with the audience. However, you still have a […]