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Fall and Winter Event Season for Jumbotrons

Rent LED Video Screens for Fall and Winter Outdoor Events With summer officially over, and snow already hitting Minnesota, we are looking ahead to our fall and winter event schedule. Here and in the rest of the Midwest, summer is obviously the busy season for outdoor events. But that doesn’t mean outdoor events just stop. […]

Ten Years of Jumbotron Screen Rentals

Celebrating Ten Years of Fire Up Video Cody Baum, who writes our blogs and wears many additional hats at Fire Up Video asked me to write a story of our ten years in business. I guess he figures his five years with Fire Up Video would only be half the story. Or he is trying to get out of […]

Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Fall and Winter Events

Rent a Mobile LED Screen for Winter and Fall Outdoor Events With summer officially over, and the possibility of snow already in the forecast, we are looking ahead to our fall and winter event schedule. In Minnesota, and the rest of the Midwest, summer is obviously the busy season for outdoor events. But that doesn’t […]

Being Prepared With Our Jumbotron Video Walls

The Difference is in the Details with Mobile LED Screens We take pride in providing the best experience for our guests by focusing on the details, no matter how small. It’s one thing to set up a mobile jumbotron screen and walk away. But it’s another to be prepared to take that extra step to improve the […]

Hilarious Moments Broadcasted to the Jumbotron Screen

How to Use the Jumbotron to Embarrass Your Kid We have been renting jumbotron LED video screens for 10 years now and have had seen many ways to use the large video wall. But this is one of the better uses we have seen. So we had to share: We have captured some pretty great moments […]

Stand Out From Others at the MN State Fair With an LED Screen

Draw in Guests to Your Booth at the Minnesota State Fair With a Jumbotron Screen The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest events every year in Minnesota. It is the largest state fair on average daily attendance, with over 2 million attending last year. With so many people coming in from the state, […]

Branded Stage and Screens for a Concert

Brand Your Event With a Jumbotron Screen If you’re looking for your outdoor music event to go the long haul and be around for years to come, you will want to consider investing money to promote your show. Not only does it look good, it helps to build your brand. Brand has been defined as […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

LED Screens Play in Rainy Weather No matter how much you hope that your big event will have great weather, remember this is the Midwest. The bread basket of the world. Without rain the crops don’t grow. So embrace the Midwest weather, and have no fear. Rent a mobile jumbotron from Fire Up Video. Your […]

LED Jumbotron Screens For Outdoor Concert Rental

Video Screens for Rock and Roll Concerts If you have an outdoor concert, and need help taking your event to the next level, our large jumbotron outdoor screens may be just the ticket. We offer both modular screens that hang from a truss, stage, or ground support, as well as mobile screens that pop out […]

Mobile LED Screens Set Up Quickly

Setting Your Event Around a Mobile Jumbotron Many times at events, there is a lot of setup involved. There are many teams that are all working on their specific task to get ready for the event. Many of these require coordination between different companies, and everything needs to come together with everyone involved for the […]