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Shop and Equipment Improvements Made in 2018

Improvements Made to the Fire Up Shop and Equipment This Year This year we’ve focused a good amount of time and resources making improvements to our shop as well as our equipment. We always try to have a clean, safe, and organized work space in order to be efficient and provide the best service when […]

Make Money on Your Rental by Selling Ad Time and Banner Space on Jumobotron

Covering LED Rental Costs with Sponsor Ads We see it all the time. Initially people can be scared to rent a mobile screen because they don’t think they can afford it. If this is a concern, there is a way to cover the costs of a Jumbotron, and even potentially MAKE money with the screen. […]

We Are Now ACE Certified After Absen Training Program

FUV Technician Earns ACE Certification from Absen Recently one of our LED technicians took a trip to Olrando, Florida to complete an LED training course. This three day class was hosted by Absen, is meant to provide training to students teaching them tips for programming LED screens, building video walls, troubleshooting issues, discovering new technology […]

LED Mobile Jumbotron Screens for Rent at Kansas Events

Mobile LED Outdoor Big Screen TV Rentals in Kansas Kansas is the 15 largest state in terms of size, and 34th in terms of population. The capital is Topeka, the largest city is Wichita, and the largest metro area is the Kansas City area, which shares its population across the border with Missouri. Other major cities in […]

Choose the Right LED Screen for Your Event

Your Guide to LED Jumbotron Rental You have an event, and you think a Jumbotron screen could help. But it can seem overwhelming. This guide could help you choose the right screen that fits your needs: Jumbotron Size Our LED screens come in several different sizes to fit all events. To help choose the right […]

Wireless Video Signal to the Jumbotron Screen

Use Our Wireless Video System with the LED Video Screen With four mobile screens and tons of events, getting a signal from camera to screen or from one Jumbotron daisy-chained to another can be an issue. We recently invested in wireless video signal system that has work perfectly for us at many of our events […]

Mobile LED Big Screen TV Rental in ND

Rent an LED Mobile Jumbotron in North Dakota North Dakota may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of large events. However, there are still plenty of fun events in ND that draw very large crowds. It is the 19th largest state by size but is the 47th largest by […]

Now is the Perfect Time to Rent a Jumbotron for Your Winter Event

LED Video Wall Screen Rentals for Events this Winter Although many of us may not be ready for winter weather yet, the cold temperatures already this year tells us we don’t have much of a choice. And as cold as it gets here in the upper Midwest in the winter, there are still many outdoors […]

Entertain Your Guests with a Mobile LED TV

Your Crowd Will Love the Big Screen Outdoor TV If you are planning an event, one of the goals is always to keep guests satisfied and make sure they have a good time. This obviously goes without saying, but at Fire Up Video, we work to provide event organizers with one more tool to help […]

There’s Always More to Learn About LED Screen Technology

We Are Constantly Looking for Training and Education for LED Technology At Fire Up Video, we believe it’s important to constantly learning new things, especially in an industry with advanced and changing technology. We are always looking for ways to stay updated on changes in the technology and in the industry, as well as for […]