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LED Screens are More Effective than Signs on a Fence

Big Screen TVs Work Better Than Banners Take a look at the video below. Between the LEd Jumbotrons and signs on a fence, which one do you think converys a more exciting, informative, attention-grabbing message? After watching that short clip, the answer is pretty obvious. The video wall not only draws much more attention from […]

Big Screens at Outdoor Events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mobile LED Screen Rental for Events In Milwaukee, WI Over one million people live in the Milwaukee and surrounding area. Visitors number in the millions as well. There are many reasons that visitors come from all over the world. Whether it’s attending a business conference, visiting family and friends, taking in the world’s biggest music festival […]

Mobile Screen Rentals for Superbowl Events in Minnepolis, MN

Rent LED Video Screens for Superbowl Events in Minneapolis As a company based in Minneapolis, we are very excited for the Superbowl to come to Minnesota.The Superbowl coming to town means more than just a football game, it is weeks long of other huge events surrounding the game, including concerts, tailgating events, viewing parties, festivals, […]

Mobile Screen Jumbotron Rentals for Rochester, MN Outdoor Events

Rochester, Minnesota has Jumbotron LED Screens Available to Rent for Events Rochester, MN is the state’s third largest city, and the largest outside the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metropolitan Statistical Area, with a 2015 estimated population of 112,225. It is also consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the U.S., including a #1 […]

Concerts Using Screen for the First Time Love It

LED Video Boards Are Great for Festivals and Concerts We have brought our Jumbotrons to many concerts and festivals over the years. For many of those concerts, it was the first time using a big screen TV. And they are almost always suprised how much of difference it can make. The LED screens add so […]

Getting Video and Audio to Line Up on LED Video Screens

Latency- Matching Sound and Video on Jumbotron Earlier we got some new video gear. Once it was installed it worked great, however when we began doing live shows with the new equipment, we noticed our video was just a few milliseconds behind the audio. Some latency is to be expected. Whenever video gear requires processing of the […]

Rent an LED Video Screen for Outdoor Events in Aurora, Illinois

Mobile LED Outdoor Screen Rental in Aurora, IL Aurora is the second largest city in the state of Illinois, behind only Chicago. With a population of approximately 200,000, Aurora is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With the fast-growing population and close proximity to Chicago and other surrounding suburbs, Aurora is in […]

Rent Our New Hyprvsn Fire Mist Hologram Displays

New Holographic Technology Rental Available As a part of our new company, Fire Up Creative, we have another exciting offering besides mobile and modular LED screens. We now have available for rent our new product, the Kino-Mo Hyprvsn Fire Mist. The Fire Mist is a new hologram technology that is more cost-effective and scalable than previous […]

Rent an LED Screen for Colleges and Universities

Jumbotron Screens for College & University Events Today, colleges and universities are hosting more and more events both for a variety of audiences. Many are held for students, but there are also events for alumni, professors and faculty, sporting events, and even the general public using the resources available at large campuses. A few of the […]

Rent a Mobile Jumbotron Video Wall for Rapid City Events

Outdoor Events in Rapid City, South Dakota Go Better with a Video Board Rapid City, South Dakota, also known the “City of Presidents” or “Gateway to the Black Hills,” is the second largest city in the state. Only behind Sioux Falls, it has a population just shy of 70,000 according to the 2012 estimate. With […]