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Rent a Mobile LED Jumbotron for Grand Forks, ND Event

LED Big Screen Outdoor TV Rentals for Events in Grand Forks, North Dakota Grand Forks, the third largest city in North Dakota, has a population of over 55,000. Located in the Red River Valley, it’s twin city of East Grand Forks, Minnesota helps to form the center of Greater Grand Forks, or The Grand Cities. […]

LED Video Board Rentals for Nashville, Tennessee Events

Rent Mobile LED Jumbotron for Outdoor Events in Nashville, TN Nashville, otherwise known as Music City, USA, is the capital and second largest city in the state of Tennessee. The population of the Nashville metro area was over 1.7 million in 2013. Nashville is a city very well-known for it’s music, culture, and arts community. […]

Mobile Big Screen TV Rental for Denver, CO Events

Rent Mobile LED Jumbotron for Outdoor Events in Denver, Colorado Denver is the capital and most populous city in the state of Colorado. The Denver-Aurora, CO combined statistical area has a total population of over 3 million people. The beautiful city just miles east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is home to some […]

LED Mobiles Big Screens for Events of All Size

No Event Too Big or Too Small for Jumbotron Mobile Screens At Fire Up Video, we rent mobile LED screens for events of all sizes, big and small. From some of the world’s largest events, to small family gatherings for just a few people, we have done it all. Our outdoor Jumbotrons are great for a […]

True HD Jumbotrons Using LED Screen Technology

LED Technology and HD Screens Todays HD technology is generally described as 720 or 1080 format. And now 4K is coming with even higher resolution. For true HD at 720 you would need a pixel count of 1280 wide x 720 tall. And for 1080 you would need even more pixels at 1920 wide x […]

Mobile LED Big Screen TV For Rent in Bloomington, MN

Jumbotron LED Video Board Rentals for Bloomington, Minnesota Events Until the 1980’s, Bloomington was home to the three major sports teams in Minnesota, the North Stars, Vikings, and Twins. The city went through a major transf ormation losing the North Stars to Dallas, and the Twins and Vikings packing it in to Minneapolis. Then Mall […]

Mobile LED Screen Rental for Events In Milwaukee, WI

Big Screens at Outdoor Events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Over one million people live in the Milwaukee and surrounding area. Visitors number in the millions as well. There are many reasons that visitors come from all over the world. Whether it’s attending a business conference, visiting family and friends, taking in the world’s biggest music festival (Summerfest), […]

Rent a Mobile LED Video Wall for Des Moines Events

Mobile Big Screen TV Rental for Events in Des Moines, IA Established in 1851, Des Moines is the largest city in the state of Iowa, with 203,433 residents according to the 2010 census. Additionally, the five-county metropolitan area is the 88th most populous in the United States with nearly 600,000 estimated residents. Des Moines is […]

Latency- Matching Sound and Video on Jumbotron

Getting Video and Audio to Line Up on LED Video Screens Recently we got some new video gear. Once it was installed it worked great, however when we began doing live shows with the new equipment, we noticed our video was just a few milliseconds behind the audio. Some latency is to be expected. Whenever video […]

No More Ugly Trusses for Your LED Video Screen

Our Mobile Screens Look Better Than Trussed LED Tiles Because we only provide mobile LED solutions, we are little biased when it comes to using an LED screen, and the best way to get that screen in the air. We use a hydraulic lift enclosed in our trailers that lifts our screens straight through the roof. […]