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How to Display 16:9 on 4:3 Big Screen TVs

Displaying 16:9 Content on 4:3 LED Screens It is possible to watch a standard size video on a non-standard size screen, you’ll just need to decide how you want it to be displayed. There are basically three different options that will show the video either by distorting the image, cutting off the sides, or leaving […]

LED Jumbotron Screens and HD Video

Are the Jumbotron Screens High Definition? It is a question we get asked all the time, but it is not necessarily a simple yes or no answer. As long as the screen is built in the correct aspect ratio, we can display HD content and make it look great. However, with a 5mm panel for […]

LED Screens Look Great in Direct Sunlight

Even Under Direct Sun, Our LED Jumbotron TV Looks Bright If you are renting a mobile Jumbotron from us, then all of our screens look great even in direct sunlight. This is a must for all of our LED video boards that we rent for outdoor events. There are a couple things that make our […]

LED Mobile Video Board Screens for Events in Aurora, IL

Rent a Jumbotron Screen for Your Event in Aurora, Illinois Aurora, Illinois is the second largest city in the state, only behind Chicago. The estimated population of the city in 2013 was 199,963, making it the 114th most populous city in the United States. Aurora is mostly in Kane County, with sections also located in DuPage, Kendall, […]

Mobile LED Outdoor Big Screen TV Rentals in Kansas

LED Mobile Jumbotron Screens for Rent at Kansas Events Kansas is the 15 largest state in terms of size, and 34th in terms of population. The capital is Topeka, the largest city is Wichita, and the largest metro area is the Kansas City area, which shares its population across the border with Missouri. Other major cities in the […]

Outdoor Big Screen TVs in the Snow

Our Jumbotrons Work Great in the Cold and Snow After the first big snow here in Minnesota, we wanted to put out our annual reminder that our Jumbotron screens work great even in the harsh weather of the upper Midwest. We even bring our mobile LED screens onto the frozen lakes for fishing tournaments and […]

Use a Jumbotron to Get Message Out at Charities, Tributes, and Other Causes

Rent a Mobile LED Screen to Appeal to Your Crowd at Special Events A picture is worth a thousand words. This statement is especially true at many special events. At events such as charities, tributes, and special causes, it is very important to get your message across, and also appeal to emotions. Speeches can be a […]

LED Video Screens Look Great, Even Close Up

Our Mobile Video Boards Provide a Great Image From All Distances There is a lot of talk about the 6mm or lower outdoor LED screen. But there are several problems with this, such as high cost, power consumption, and generated hear. With pixels so tight it is difficult to make an LED tile that will […]

Jumbotron LED Video Walls for Ames, Iowa Events

Mobile LED Screen Rentals for Events in Ames, Iowa Ames, Iowa is a friendly and energetic town of nearly 60,000 residents in the city itself. Not to mention the almost 500,000 guests that come to Ames yearly to visit this great city. This year in 2014 they are celebrating their 150th birthday, and are thriving […]

New Things are Scary. Renting a Jumbotron Shouldn’t Be

Don’t be Scared to Rent a Mobile LED Video Board The idea of renting a mobile Jumbotron can be terrifying for someone who has never rented one before. At Fire Up Video, we understand those fears, and we walk our clients through the entire process to make it as simple as possible. It can seem […]