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Rent a Mobile Video Board for Outdoor Events in Louisville, KY

Make Your Louisville, Kentucky Event Better with a Jumbotron LED Screen Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky, and 30th most populous in the United States. Today the city is known for the being the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, University of Louisville, Lousville Cardinals, Lousiville Slugger baseball bats, […]

Outdoor Concerts & Events at Casinos Go Better with Jumbotron Screens

LED Video Screen Rentals for Outdoor Casino Events Casinos have hosted outdoor events for many years now. But it seems more of them been joining the trend, and having them even more frequently. Many casinos have large amphitheaters and outdoor venues permanently set up in order to hold outdoor events throughout the year. Others set […]

Video for our New Fire Up Creative LED Screen Company

Watch the video of the LED Tiles for our New Company Fire Up Creative As you may have seen by now, Fire Up Video has partnered with Creative Concepts to form a new company, Fire Up Creative. Similar to Fire Up Video, this new company will provide LED video screens for events. However, these screens […]

Jumbotron LED Screens at Outdoor Sporting Events

Rent a Mobile LED Video Wall for You Sporting Event There are sporting events all over the Midwest that would benefit from the use of a Jumbotron mobile screen. The LED video walls can be a great way to entertain and inform your crowd, as well as make your sponsors happy. There are many ways […]

LED Video Board Rental for Outdoor Indiana Events

Mobile Jumbotron Big Screen TV for Rent at Events in Indiana Indiana, also known as the Hoosier State, is the 16th largest state by population. Indianapolis is the capital, and largest city, as well as the 14th largest U.S. city. Some of the other larger cities in the state include Evansville, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Bloomington, South […]

Summer Block Parties in Minnesota with a Jumbotron Screen

Rent an LED Mobile Screen for Outdoor Events this Summer Summer is the season for block parties. This is especially true in the Midwest, or even more specifically, Minnesota. We only have several months of warm weather, so it seems like there is another block party (or two) happening every weekend in places like Minneapolis and […]

FireBall Camera Rig Used to Display Live to Jumbotron

We Created a New Camera Rig, the FireBall At Fire Up Video, we rent our mobile screens at many concerts and other large events. And at these live music shows, we often run live cameras of the action directly to our Jumbotron video walls. Because our crew often spends many hours a day at these […]

No Event is Too Big or Too Small for an LED Mobile Screen

LED Video Boards for Events of All Sizes We rent mobile LED screens for events of all sizes, big and small at Fire Up Video. This includes anything from some of the world’s largest events, to small family gatherings for just a few people. Our outdoor Jumbotrons are great for a ton of different events, and […]

How to Offset Costs of Renting a Jumbotron

Lowering the Cost of an LED Mobile Screen Rental We hear it all the time, people assume they can’t afford to rent an LED mobile screen, before ever talking to us or looking at prices. But it can be surprisingly affordable compared to other costs of running large events. This is especially true with some […]

Sponsor Loops on the LED Video Board

Keep Sponsors and Guests Happy with F.U.V. Loops on the Jumbotron You always want to give your sponsors the most bang for their buck. You also want to keep your guests entertained. At Fire Up Video, we have a way to accomplish both. This can be done using our F.U.V. sponsor loop videos, also know […]