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Covering Jumbotron Costs with Sponsor Ads

You Can Make Money by Selling Ad Time and Banner Space on the Mobile LED Screen Sometimes people will get scared to rent a Jumbotron because they don’t think they can afford it. If this is a concern, there is a way to cover the costs of a mobile screen, and even potentially MAKE money […]

Mobile Jumbotrons Can Benefit Many Kinds of Events

LED Video Screens are Great for All Different Types of Outdoor Events Every event gets better with a Jumbotron screen. Think of any event you have been to, and think if it could have been improved by an outdoor big screen TV. There are many ways that the LED screens can be used, and this […]

Fast and Easy Mobile LED Screen Setup

Setting Up the Mobile Jumbotron Screen for an Event is Quick & Simple One of the biggest advantages of our mobile big screens that raise out the top of our trailers over trussed Jumbotron screens is the fast and simple setup. Because we can pull the Jumbotron in a trailer with a basic pickup truck, we can […]

Jumbotron Mobile Screen Rentals For Rockford, IL Events

Rent a Mobile LED Video Board for Events in Rockford, Illinois Outside of the Chicago metropolitan area, Rockford is the next largest city in the state of Illinois. Approximately a two hour drive from Chicago, and even less from Madison, Rockford can sometimes get overlooked when people think about live events in the area. But […]

NFL Players Watch the Jumbotron. During the Game

Football Players Love Being on the Jumbotron Screen Too Even in the middle of the game, professional athletes can’t help but watch the Jumbotron. NFL Films made a short 5 minute video showing how the even the biggest athletes love the LED big screens while they’re playing. The video takes a humorous look at how […]

Rent LED Screens for Scoreboards at Golf Tournaments

Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Golf Event Leader Boards Even in Minnesota, people have already started to get out on the golf course with the unseasonably warm weather. And even though people are getting out early this year, the golf season is just around the corner. That means there will be all kinds of golf tournaments […]

Don’t Let Unprepared Jumbotron Companies Ruin Your Live Event

Back Up Plans For LED Video Screens at Events are Crucial For an event, you have one chance to get everything right. There are many things to coordinate that all need to come together to make it all work. One thing going wrong can screw up an event. At Fire Up Video, we take those […]

Rent a Big Screen Outdoor TV for Events in Bemidji, MN

Mobile LED Jumbotron Screen Rental for Bemidji, Minnesota Events In Northern Minnesota, approximately two hours from the Canadian border, is the city of Bemidji. The population is only approximately 15,000, but it is still an exciting city with a lot going on. Bemidji is one of the largest cities in the area, and is the […]

Don’t Wait Too Late to Rent a Mobile LED Screen

Book Your Jumbotron Mobile Screen Before They Are Gone Don’t wait until it’s too late. Some people have trouble committing to renting a Jumbotron screen, and once they finally make the decision, our screens are already booked for their date. But if you book ahead of time, you will never need to worry about that. We […]

Give Event Sponsors Great Value with a Jumbotron

Keep Guests Entertained with FUV Sponsor Loops on LED Screen Sponsors want to get value for the money they pay to advertise at your event. Signs, banners, and other static printed images are good, but people don’t really pay attention to that. Images or commercials on a Jumbotron screen is even better. But if they […]