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Jumbotron Screen Rental for Graduation Ceremony

You host an event that is truly once-in-a-lifetime. Whether it is a college/university graduation, or a high school graduation ceremony, it is no doubt a very special occasion. You want to make it the best experience possible for everyone involved. An LED video screen from Fire Up Video makes a great addition to the graduation […]

Jumbotron Screen Rentals for Winter Events

Fire Up Video has been lucky enough to stay busy both summer and winter. And here in the Midwest it can get awfully cold. Especially this past winter, it seemed like it would never warm up. We did a Polar Plunge with our 9×12 mobile FireFly LED screen this past winter. It was a two-day […]

Building a New Jumbotron Screen

How We Built Our New Mobile Screen After owning two 9×12 mobile screens and being involved in the Jumbotron screen market for six years, I got this crazy idea that Fire Up Video should build its very own one-of-a-kind mobile screen. And it all fell on my shoulders. This is the story of that journey. Since […]

Shooting Live Video for The Jumbotron Screen

Live Video of Events on Mobile LED Screens Imag, or image magnification, is the term professionals use to describe taking an image through the camera lens and blowing it up large on a display screen. It could be through projection or digitally through large TVs or Jumbotrons. While celebrating my wife’s birthday last night, all […]

Back Up Plans for Our Jumbotron Screens

Back Up Plan- Jumbotron and Repairs When renting a jumbotron, what is your back up plan? How about a wish and a prayer? It is not easy to have a back up plan with a Jumbotron, they are expensive, technical pieces of equipment. But having one is crucial, and so that is what we have […]

Outdoor Screens at the Oshkosh, WI EAA Airshow

Rent Jumbtorns at Oshkosh EAA Air Show We are proud to have just attended our fourth Oshkosh EAA Air Show. Our screens once again played loud and proud, providing the exhibitors and sponsors a great opportunity to connect with a very captive audience. The town of Oshkosh and surrounding communities of Appleton and Fond Du […]

Video Drones-The Next Big Thing At Outdoor Events?

Large Video Walls and Drone Flying Machines What a crazy world we live in. If a person who died in 1955 could see what we are doing today with video technology, they would be amazed. Think about it,  back in 1955 small TV screens for the home market were just starting to see their way into […]

New Larger Mobile Screen is Ready for Your Event

Build of New DragonFly Screen is Complete Fire Up Video is happy to announce the completion of the new DragonFly screen. After months of planning and building, this custom-designed mobile Jumbotron is now ready to entertain crowds at events all over the Midwest. “We are excited to add the 12 x 18.5 foot DragonFly screen […]

Full AV Solution with Jumbotron LED Mobile Screens

Fire Up Video is Ready to Handle All Your AV Event Needs Ever hear the expression, “if it were easy anyone could do it”? When it comes to a mobile Jumbotron LED screen, that expression could not be more true. Seems like most every event we attend, no two are alike for their AV needs. […]

Understanding HD Picture on Outdoor Screens

HD Mobile Jumbotron Screen Understanding the world of LED screens and how they relate to your consumer world of television sets can be fairly complicated. However, it may be important if you need to rent a Jumbotron screen in your professional life. So think about all the TVs Best Buy sells. They are all 16×9 […]