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Jumbotron Leaderboard for Ice Fishing in Brainerd MN

Fast-forward a couple hundred years, and low and behold the policy wording was never changed.  Turns out that is a good thing for our many friends who hold large winter fishing contests.   With the insurance, we can drive our 10,000 lb LED screens out on the ice with confidence that if a disaster ever occurred […]

Rent a Mobile Jumbotron LED Screen for St. Louis Events

The Gateway to the West, also known as St. Louis, Missouri, is a major city in the US centrally located near the middle of the country. It is the 58th largest city in the United States with over 319,000 people, and the metropolitan area, known as Greater St. Louis, is the 18th largest in the […]

The Perfect Tailgating Event- Just Add a Jumbotron Screen

So the football season is over and the Seattle Seahawks crushed the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. The game itself was not the best, but hopefully you had a good party and that made up for a not-so-good game. When tailgating outdoors, a daylight TV is a must. There are not many ways to be […]

Jumbotron Screens at Marathons and Walking/Running Events

Yesterday, Fire Up Video used one of our FireFly 9×12 LED Jumbotrons for a running event to kick off our 1st race of the season. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, we use our screens at multiple events throughout the Midwest to energize runners and walkers. Besides our live cameras showing the event on the […]

Outdoor Events Madison Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known most broadly as “America’s Dairyland” because they are a leading producer of the most delicious cheese in the US. But were you also aware that the capital of Wisconsin is known as the “Beer Capital of the Midwest”? They hold quite a few outdoor events, which possibly have a large LED screen […]

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Outdoor Events Milwaukee Wisconsin

As I drove my car around my city I noticed an amazing sight, I can see grass! Sure it might be muddy brown and dead but it’s grass nevertheless! I have been waiting months, though it seems like years, for any sign that this nose stinging, traffic jamming winter is at its end. That being […]

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Jumbotron Rental for the Upper Midwest Including MN, WI, SD, ND,IA and IL

Mobile LED Screen Rental The corporate office of Fire Up Video is located in the Twin Cities of Minnespolis/St. Paul MN.  From there we serve a significant portion of the Upper Midwest providing the area with mobile LED Jumbotron rentals to enhance any indoor or outdoor event. If your upcoming event will be held in:  […]

Music Video Production

Back in August of 2013, we decided to have a little fun and expand our services to a related but new area of business: music video production. Musician Sam Black from Minnesota caught the attention of the Fire Up Video staff with some of his songs, so we chose to take a break from bringing […]

History of the Jumbotron (AKA Gigatron, Megatron, or JumboVision)

History of the Jumbotron (AKA Gigatron, Megatron, or JumboVision) It goes by many names, but whatever you choose to call it, the Jumbotron (or LED Screen), is great for all events. We’ve seen the big screens called many things besides a Jumbotron, including a Gigatron, Megatron, JumboVision, big daylight TV, event monitor,  and plenty of […]

Mobile Jumbotron LED Screens Eliminate Last Minute Program Change Notifications

No matter how carefully and thoughtfully you plan and implement, your big event will have last minute changes and adjustments that are beyond your ability to control!  That is a fact! And the success of your event is contingent upon how well you deal with those changes and adjustments!  The solution to this nightmare is […]