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Solving Technical Issues with Live Events and Video Screens

Fire Up’s Got Talent Recently Fire Up Creative had the opportunity to work the video portion of a show for the 2017 winner of America’s Got Talent, 13-year-old Darci Lynne. Sound Central was the sound, stage, and lighting team that brought us in as the video support, as we work closely with them on a number of events each […]

Jumbotron Video Wall Rental for Events in Overland Park, Kansas

Rent a Video Board Big Screen for Overland Park, KS Events Overland Park, Kansas is the second largest city in the state, behind only the Kansas City metropolitan area, located in Missouri and Kansas. With nearly 200,000 residents, and only 13 miles from Kansas City, Overland Park is home to many large events that bring […]

LED Lessons: Types of LED Screens

What are the Different Kinds of LED Video Screens Now that we have covered what an LED display is in our last LED Lesson, we will now go over the different kinds of LED screens. There are a couple different ways to categorize these video screens. Many of these overlap or can fit into multiple […]

Fire Up Creative Modular LED Screens Article

News from the Start of Fire Up Creative Custom LED Video Walls Approximately three years after the founding of Fire Up Creative, we found this article that was written about starting the company and thought we should share. Check it out below: Fire Up Video is proud to announce the formal partnership with Creative Concepts, […]

LED Lessons: What is an LED Display?

LED Video Wall Displays Defined We have been working directly with LED screens for over ten years at Fire Up Video. So we decided to start a blog series dedicated to sharing our knowledge of LED and related technology to help clients better understand, as well to help the general public better understand more about […]

Rent A Mobile Video Screen for Events in Oklahoma

Jumbotron LED Video Screen Rental for Oklahoma Events If you are hosting an event in Oklahoma, you will want to find ways to separate your event from all the others. One of the best ways to bring your event to the next level and create a memorable experience is to rent a jumbotron video wall. […]

LED Scoreboard Rental for Outdoor Sporting Events

Digital Scoreboard Rentals for Sporting Events One of the many uses of the Jumbotron can be as a scoreboard or leader board at tournaments or sporting events. This can be a great way to display scores and standings so your entire audience can see, and you can even use the screen to display other content […]

Jumbotron Video Wall Rental for Events in Ann Arbor, MI

Rent a Mobile LED Wall for Ann Arbor, Michigan Events Ann Arbor, MI is home to around 120,000 residents, and is also near Detroit, Dearborn, Toledo, Lansing, Flint, and more. Because it is located between all these large cities, and has a large population of its own, there are always plenty of large events happening […]

LED Video Wall Rental for Political Rallies or Speeches

Rent a Jumbotron Digital Screen for a Political Rally or Event Political rallies attract large crowds throughout the country, especially with the upcoming 2020 presidential election. With the large audiences these events draw, it can be difficult for everyone to see the action and speeches. People towards the back may have trouble seeing what’s happening […]

LED Video Screen Rental for Frankfort, Kentucky Events

Rent a Jumbotron Video Wall for Events in Frankfort, KY If you are planning an event in the Kentucky capital of Frankfort, you are probably looking for a way to stand out from all the others. At Fire Up Video, we have a solution that we have been offering to events for over ten years. […]